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Virtual Buisiness Woo Card vs. Moble First Virtual Business Cards

Virtual Business Card

The Woo Card

Virtual Card Access

6 Templates To Choose From


Image, Color, or Gradient Background

Call and text right from the phone

Email right from phone

$ 279.00 per year $ 197.00 per year

Mobile First Virtual Business Card Website

Mobile-First Optimization

Super-Fast Download Speed

1 Website, 2 pages 

Salesman/Author/Identification Site

Contact Form

$ 397.00 Setup Fee $ 77.00 per year

*$247.00 Setup Fee                 (One Time)

SSL certificate not included ($39.00)

Mobile First Progressive Web App

Mobile First Progressive Web App

Mobile-First Optimization

Super Fast Website Download

1 Site 2 pages

App Downloadable To Phone

Push Notifications

$ 697.00 Setup fee $ 97.00 per year

$397.00 Set up fee                   (One Time)

SSL certificate Not Included ($39.00)