Link Master Review

Easy Link Cloaking With A Twist

So why would someone ever want to cloak their links. Well for one, preserving trust. When someone is thinking about purchasing something and they see a url link that looks like this – https://www.joesaffiliatesite.adfnvlajls.slslv368 they might start wondering if they are about to be scammed. If the cloaked link is:

As a customer, if I were viewing the link, I would feel safer. This is important, because you increase the chances that you will convert to a sale because you have removed the link’s shoddy appearance objection.

As I tested the plugin, I saw that it was fairly easy to use. One of the things the vendor did was include the training on how to use LinkMaster, which is very convenient. I also saw that there are not too many moving parts, meaning it is not that complicated. Some of the terminology used in the redirect link type area was a little geeky, and vendor could have used terminology that was easier for the audience to digest and understand. But, overall, the program was fairly easy to use and I was creating links within a few minutes.

It basically boils down to, take your target link and put it in the target url box, then select a (a good name that fits in with your website so that it looks natural with your website), and then you choose the type of redirect link, and finally if you desire you can also create a special short code which will tag a particular word in your post and link it to your offer. Rather than getting too detailed here in the text, if you want more information, you can watch the video which will even give you more clarity on this product and whether or not it is for you.

Conclusion:  The things I liked most about the product was the ease and simplicity of use overall, and the fact that you can do different things with your links besides just cloaking them. The thing I did not like about the product was the redirect link terminology used was a little too geeky. Yet, this is really the only con I had with the product. This is the kind of product I could use almost every day.

If this product sounds good to you, to utilize in your business then feel free to click on the link below for more information.

Bonus #1:
Graphic Design With Crello

Graphic Design with Crello is a Training that helps you unlock your design abilities with Crello. Crello is a free platform where you can design just about anything. Design bookcovers, presentations, gift cards, banners, facebook covers, just about anything you can think of.

Bonus #2 
Gutenberg is Fun

WordPress 5.0 is upgrading their editor with Gutenberg. It is actually fairly easy to use, however, at first glance it can feel quite intimidating. Why fumble and stumble for a few months when you can just learn it it easy steps and then apply it.

Access123 – Simple Online Store

Even It’s Name Sounds Easy And Fast

My friend Adrian really showed me the value of this product called Access123. Access123 is a store in the cloud that is simple, easy to use, and fast in getting products up for sale and delivery. A product goes up in my review if the product is easy and simple to put into action. The reason I say this is many customers do not want to spend hours and hours trying to figure out how something works.

When you first get into Access123 you will have to put in your settings for it to work right, that means your name, email, paypal information, etc. Once you have done that the software is ready to go. It’s design is two fold. It is designed to get leads in which you can add products or lead magnets that you want to giveaway. The other is that you can use it as a store to list all of your products if desired. There is not a way to categorize them or put them in folders, they are just laid out side by side about four products a line and then downward. So if you have 100 products you would have to scroll through them, but the most recent products are on top.

Product Dashboard

If someone Clicks on the More Information they are taken to a mini sales page that can have Headlines, Images, Text, Videos, even code can be placed if your advanced. On the Vacation time I made a short sales page, but you can make them as long as you wish, if you so desire, and embed a sales video or webinar of any length to explain the benefits of your product.

Bonus #1:
Graphic Design With Crello

Graphic Design with Crello is a Training that helps you unlock your design abilities with Crello. Crello is a free platform where you can design just about anything. Design bookcovers, presentations, gift cards, banners, facebook covers, just about anything you can think of.

Bonus #2 
Gutenberg is Fun

WordPress 5.0 is upgrading their editor with Gutenberg. It is actually fairly easy to use, however, at first glance it can feel quite intimidating. Why fumble and stumble for a few months when you can just learn it it easy steps and then apply it.

Instant Video Pages Review

The Easiest Video Pagebuilder ever made!

Instant Video Pages is simply what it sounds like, a convenient and simple video pagebuilder. When I think of a pagebuilder I think of a clunky, complicated pagebuilder that you can use on wordpress or in the cloud. I have seen many times that software developers, or vendors, seem to want to wow the customers, and they do. Often, you want to rush in and get the latest and greatest. They make it seem so easy. Yet, that’s because they have been working with it for months and are used to it.

When You get the product you are all excited and then you start running into difficulties. You can’t remember how to do this, and you get confused about the myriad of options. You struggle to keep figuring it out and then finally you get burned out as you realize it will take forever before you will get used to it. You try and try again to make it work, but you always seem to get lost and finally you begin to visit the software less and then never again!

When I went into the software I saw there was not much to learn. In fact there were only three training videos! I thought at first, that might not be enough, but then after going through the training and working with the software, I had a page up in minutes. There was no muss or fuss. That is what I like. Give me something I can use, that I doesn’t seem like I have to take a college class to get it.

I found that you can do background videos, surrounding your main video. You can change the color and texture of your video page. You can even add a timer to add scarcity to your sale! For those who are advanced you can add custom code as well. Yet, you don’t need to be advanced to use this.

If I could start over again I would start with software like this and keep using it. Why work hard, why not work smart!

If I could sum it all up and talk about the thing I most like about this product and the thing I don’t like about this product it would be the following: I like the simplicity and the ease of use and the speed at which I can set up pages to sell products. The only thing I did not like about this product is the fact that when you set up your page you have to save it, then view it afterward to see if it is the way you like it. It would be nice if you could preview it before you move out of the editing area for the page. But if you can live with that then you will be quite satisfied with the speed at which you can get things done.

Time is a commodity in business and to do business efficiently and quickly is one of the keys to business success.

If you need more info or want to see a demo of the product just watch the video above. If you like what you see, just click on the button below and you will be taken to the sales page.

Bonus #1 : 
Graphic Design With Crello

Graphic Design with Crello is a Training that helps you unlock your design abilities with Crello. Crello is a free platform where you can design just about anything. Design bookcovers, presentations, gift cards, banners, facebook covers, just about anything you can think of.

Bonus #2
Gutenberg is Fun

WordPress 5.0 is upgrading their editor with Gutenberg. It is actually fairly easy to use, however, at first glance it can feel quite intimidating. Why fumble and stumble for a few months when you can just learn it it easy steps and then apply it.

Pixelogo: [Review]

A logo creator that comes with thousands of templates, having Commercial Rights!

After you’re done creating, which happens in just minutes, (If you watch video, I created mine in about 6-8 minutes right in front of you), you can then check the different versions of how the newly created logo will look with different fonts. You may choose another font then the one you originally worked with, because it looks even cooler.

You can adjust the word spacing, the size of the font, change the colors of the font, and even create gradients of color within your logo. There is just so many things you can do with it, yet, it was so easy to use. Not like other programs where you have to take hours trying to figure things out. Not this one. It is intuitively easy, even if you are new to Online Marketing.

With all of this flexibility and amount of templates that you start out with and then you add the fact that you have a Commercial License, to boot, that means that not only can you create unlimited designs for you own business, but you can create logo’s for other people, other authors, other business owners, other churches, other etc!

It feels good to create a professional logo for someone else, be satisfied with a job well done, and then get paid! Look at just a couple of bids I found in people charging for logos to be made. Imagine what you could do if you could make a logo in 15 minutes to half an hour. The prices charged below would beat most jobs hourly wage for sure!

Just connect with someone who needs a logo done, and boom, you’re done.


I would say the thing I liked the most is the number of templates, and the ease of use for editing. The thing I did not like was it would have been nice if we could upload our own images and/or icons to add to our design. To me, this would have increased the users overall options. I did let them know about it and they are intending to improve the software so this feature could still find it’s way into the product.

If you want to see a demo of the product watch the video above. If you like what you see already and think this might be for you, then just click on the button below and you will be taken to the sales page where you can review their sales page and purchase the product.

Bonus #1 : Graphic Design With Crello

Graphic Design with Crello is a Training that helps you unlock your design abilities with Crello. Crello is a free platform where you can design just about anything. Design bookcovers, presentations, gift cards, banners, facebook covers, just about anything you can think of.

Bonus #2 Gutenberg is Fun

WordPress 5.0 is upgrading their editor with Gutenberg. It is actually fairly easy to use, however, at first glance it can feel quite intimidating. Why fumble and stumble for a few months when you can just learn it it easy steps and then apply it.

Click Here to find out more about PixieLogo

WP Backup Plugin

Get a Free WordPress Backup Plugin on Me.

I, as a online marketer, personally like WordPress. Once you get to know how to use it some, it is fairly easy to manage for all of your website building needs. However, one of the things I have discovered with WordPress, and I discovered it the hard way, is that sometimes your site gets hacked!!!

For instance during the 2016 election, I posted and opinion piece, and within a week or two of the post, my site was hacked and the post was removed. I went and reposted the video and text for the post, and shortly thereafter, my site was taken down. I no longer had a site. I had to delete the domain, and then add it back, and then I had to reinstall WordPress. That was the easy part.

The hard part was that I had to remember all the posts, the things of importance, and rebuild the site back up from scratch. It took weeks! Had I understood how to backup and restore I would have been able to avoid that frustration.

Normally, when you build a WordPress site you add a theme, and if you desire you also can had plugins, which adds functionality to your WordPress program on your site. Now if you get hacked, you can add your theme again, and add your plugins again, but any content, data, addresses, comments, post, pages will all be lost. That is because in WordPress it places this information in what is called a database.

If the database is compromised or hacked it is corrupted. You have to start over. However with the backup plugin you can make backups so if something occurs you can then restore your site easily with no muss or fuss.

Does this sound good to you? Then hurry and get your free WordPress Backup Plugin. You will kick yourself if you don’t, and a few weeks from now your site gets hacked and then you will have to go through the painstaking process I had to go through. Be proactive and smart and get your free backup plugin now!

Book Writing Tiger

Get My Free Book Writing Tiger Membership Site, where you too can become an author and write your first book!

Do you have ideas and desires floating in your head to write your own book, but you get lost and overwhelmed starting it? Or have you gotten started but you’re kind of winging it, not really understanding where your book is going, and how to concretely bring it out of the fiddling around stage, and move it into the reality stage? Do you have thoughts and fears of how your actually going to make this happen, and after your churning and burning over it for awhile you give up, and set it aside for another time? If any of these things are happening to you, I have good news for you.

Book Publishing Tiger is a Product I have been working on for awhile. The brainstorming, preparation and the writing of your book is in part 1. The Publishing aspect of your book is in part 2. I originally was planning to combine both part 1 and part 2 together, and charge close to $200.00 for it. However, I have decided to give part 1 away, calling it Book Writing Tiger.

What that means for you is you can get the first part of your problem writing the book solved for free! You can then go to the publishing houses and find out how to submit your manuscript document to them, or you can self publish. I can help you with that as well, but that will be in the paid version.

What do you get with the Book Writing Tiger? Well I believe that pictures sometimes are better than 1000 words so let me show you a picture of what’s inside of this free membership site.

Plus – Writing Tiger Bonus Module

So if you like what you see, and you have a desire to get started learning how you can write your first book, then look below, and I will see you on the inside.

The Double Decker Freebie

Get The Two Most Important Parts In Running An Online Business absolutely free!

One of the things I consider very important for an aspiring entrepreneur, whether he or she is interested in building an online business or a brick and mortar business, is the mindset one must have as far as approaching their business.

If one does not have the proper ingredients one can not effectively bake a cake. If one does not have the proper materials and skilled training, one cannot effectively build a house. If one does not have the proper thinking towards and the proper tools for a business, how can that one build a flourishing business? The end result that the entrepreneur wants to have is the desire to make good money, better money than their job, so they can have the freedom to do more things with their time, and family, etc.

However, doing a business takes focus. It takes initiative, determination, and the ability to manage money, people and assets. It is not that difficult or complicated, truly, but many people get distracted easily by different things, and unless they are resolute like a bulldog with a T-bone, that business may not succeed.

Why risk failure? Why not become more prepared and more aware of how to be successful in business, and thus actually become successful in business. This is what the Double Decker Freebie is about.

The Double Decker Freebie entails a complete pdf e-book on approaching this problem called,”Effective Entrepreneurial Action” Don’t just take action, no, take effective action! The e-book version is about 50 pages jampacked with good concepts that will fortify your perspective at accomplishing what you want to do.

Chapters like “What does it really take to be successful in business?” or “The Eight Secrets of Effective Entrepreneurial Thinking” or “Why don’t you just build yourself a bank”? These concepts will help you to be on your way towards fulfilling the dream that is already inside you, by turning it into reality, and not leaving it in the dream stage.

The second part of the Double Decker Freebie, is video training on the understanding of how a business funnel works. Presented in a simple manner, it is easily digested, so you can implement it in your online or brick and mortar business. The business funnel is a customer generator. A generator that if done right can produce an effective recurring cash flow, even while you sleep! Does that sound good to you? Then just look below, so you can have instant access.

Me and My Story

I was born in Wisconsin in October of 1954, but I was supposed to be born in January of 1955. I was 3 months premature. The chances of my survival was about 0.05%, yet, I was a fighter. I think, however, it was truly a miracle, because I was just four pounds and had to be put in an incubator and never was breast fed at all. That really sucks!

I grew up fast though, as a little Dennis the Menace rabble rowser (rascal). I was very independent and self determined. I must have had a lot of energy because my mother at times put me on a leash. I was also diagnosed, at least back then, with autism. It was not a full blown autism, but I was pretty much in my own world, a very imaginative one at that.

I was was not too good at relating to others but I compensated that with becoming more intellectual. I felt I had to have just a little more knowledge in order to fit in and be equal. I thought that this strategy should work, but it did not. I still got ridiculed and put down quite a bit in school, and even had some pretty mean tricks played on me. I got used to it, yet I just kept pursuing things individually and intellectually. This may have turned out to be to my advantage in the long run.

I found myself getting into the computer club and the chess club after school. I excelled at the chess club and also played my Russian Teacher a lot, who was excellent at chess. I only beat him a couple of times even after playing him hundreds of quick games. I eventually got to play in professional chess tournaments as well. Most of this happened in St. Louis, Mo. and this is the house that I lived in. My bedroom was behind the upper left window.

One of my biggest memories I have from there is our calico cat, who we named “Lollipop”. (We named her this, because she came in the house one time before we had officially named her, with a lollipop stuck to her hair and underbelly. (The song “Lollipop” was also in fashion) So Lollipop jumped up to the roof to my bedroom window overhang with a small rabbit in her mouth. She knocked at my window, to greet me and wanted to bring in her prize catch. There are plenty of good memories here, as it truly was one of my most favorite places and favorite times.

I later joined the Navy and became a Naval Corpsman and Lab Technician during the Vietnam Era. I did not see any real combat then, except for getting a chance to play on the Navy Chess team by winning third place in the Naval and just missed winning first. This was a milestone for me. As a Navy Chess team, we played in Washington D.C in the Armed Forces Tournament per government expense. If my memory serves me right it was the Army who won that tournament.

Another milestone for my life was that I was on the U.S.S. Guam LPH-9 (now decommissioned). It was a Helicopter Aircraft Carrier and we were to carry Marines to their destinations. One of my memories from here is being in a perfect storm kind of situation, where the waves were higher than the Air Craft Carrier. It was quite a humbling experience.

Here is a short video of the LPH-9. (The medical area, where we lived and worked, was on the back part of the ship just below the flight deck).

                                 Note:  The Video does not have sound

One of the places that I went when I was on the ship was to the Island of Haiti where we had a short liberty in Port au Prince. Most of the sailors went to party, but I wanted to explore the culture and the Island. Even back in the seventies, it was severely impoverished. I could not believe what I was seeing. I came to the conclusion that everyone in America is comparatively wealthy. I had just become a Christian at this point just a few months before. I remember going out on a pier in Haiti and looking up into the moonlit sky and made a promise to God that I would comeback somehow, thinking, “This is really messed up”.

I eventually did, as the church that I was involved with, back then, suddenly decided they wanted to do missionary work in Haiti. I went in to help with the medical stuff at the mountain clinic, gave shots, and managed the pharmacy. We fed people in the mountains, and when we went back down we worked in an orphanage with many children. If you are fairly young, this will change your perspective forever.

Fast forward a few years later, after getting out of the Navy and going to college I met my wife. She was also a Lab Tech there in New York, and we eventually ended up in San Antonio, Tx. As I aged I began to write books, four of them at least. One of them is a futuristic fiction novel, another is about the right mindset to have as an entrepreneur and how one should approach any business.

I wrote this book from experience, because in New York I started a Carpet Cleaning Company to get me through College and did it with a partner named Jerry Dimateo. He continued the company Emerald Floors, after I left, which is still in existence today. It was a good venture for me at the time, as we were successful, but my heart was in science and medicine and I wanted to help people in that way. Yet, I soon discovered something.

What I found over time that working for someone else wasn’t always fun. It seemed secure but I felt locked in, even though I was doing something I liked to do. This is why I started to write, as I saw that if I hit it big with a book than I could retire early. Yet, it didn’t go as planned. Even though I had the right mindset, something wasn’t working. My book did not move as I thought it would. I learned I had to be in charge of my own marketing instead of relying on others, because what I had been doing just wasn’t working.

During my book writing phase experience, I found a few online courses sold by Internet Marketers that taught me how to self publish and gave me some tips at marketing. Yet, by then, something began to intrigue me and spoil me. I began to realize that while selling books is good and that it can work, what if I could take that same information and sell it online. What if I could sell it as a e-course or a video course. What if I could do reviews for products, and/or even create my own products.

This was the game changer. I heard someone say, “If you don’t learn to master marketing online, you will be soon standing in line”. The world is moving very fast towards online sales, it is the cutting edge, and many mortar and brick stores are shutting down because they cannot keep up with the online competition. So this is what has lead me to where I am today.

I have now have two mission motives. One is to be successful online and the other, is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now to some that may be offensive, I get it, but he is a really understanding and loving person, and by the way that is not my imagination. It is good to know him. So I have a Christian online bookstore selling what we call Viddybooks.

As far as this particular site here, this is where I do reviews of products that I consider worthy of your attention and because of what they can do for you.

Overall, I want to share cool stuff with you and that is why this site is called, Cool Content Marketing – (Cool Content, Cool Offers).


James Regan

Frameworks: The Price of Delusion

Why so much turmoil going on in the World?

Frameworks: The Price of Delusion is the first book in a series (book 2 down below), that takes a fiction story and weaves our present and soon to be future history into it.  It is like the reader is given a sneak peek into the future, not exact future, but close enough to allow one to see what is coming toward us and why.  It helps one to understand in these uncertain times we find ourselves in.  We see wars, confusion, division, and many acts of individual and group violence spread across the globe.  Just recently Hawaii was sent into a chaotic frenzy over a mistaken nuclear attack.  Most people try to just get on with their life and live it, but underneath there are all these questions.  For instance, why are there so many weather disasters?  Why are they happening so often?  Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Land Fires, Earthquakes.

Then there are the many tragedies happening due to human error.  Quite frankly, it’s easier just to keep one’s mind occupied with something else.

Watch the Video Below and Perhaps you will get some answers.  Enjoy.




Francis W. – Couldn’t put the book down. One of the characters in the book resonated with my own life. I read it twice.

Lisa – This is an amazing book! I can’t say how much I enjoyed reading it. I’ve been doing a lot of my own research on conspiracy theories and secret societies for the last year or so, and I can’t believe how this book pulls it all together and connects all the dots. As engrossing and entertaining as this book is, it goes WAY beyond entertaining.