WP Backup Plugin

Get a Free WordPress Backup Plugin on Me.

I, as a online marketer, personally like WordPress. Once you get to know how to use it some, it is fairly easy to manage for all of your website building needs. However, one of the things I have discovered with WordPress, and I discovered it the hard way, is that sometimes your site gets hacked!!!

For instance during the 2016 election, I posted and opinion piece, and within a week or two of the post, my site was hacked and the post was removed. I went and reposted the video and text for the post, and shortly thereafter, my site was taken down. I no longer had a site. I had to delete the domain, and then add it back, and then I had to reinstall WordPress. That was the easy part.

The hard part was that I had to remember all the posts, the things of importance, and rebuild the site back up from scratch. It took weeks! Had I understood how to backup and restore I would have been able to avoid that frustration.

Normally, when you build a WordPress site you add a theme, and if you desire you also can had plugins, which adds functionality to your WordPress program on your site. Now if you get hacked, you can add your theme again, and add your plugins again, but any content, data, addresses, comments, post, pages will all be lost. That is because in WordPress it places this information in what is called a database.

If the database is compromised or hacked it is corrupted. You have to start over. However with the backup plugin you can make backups so if something occurs you can then restore your site easily with no muss or fuss.

Does this sound good to you? Then hurry and get your free WordPress Backup Plugin. You will kick yourself if you don’t, and a few weeks from now your site gets hacked and then you will have to go through the painstaking process I had to go through. Be proactive and smart and get your free backup plugin now!