Access123 – Simple Online Store

Even It’s Name Sounds Easy And Fast

My friend Adrian really showed me the value of this product called Access123. Access123 is a store in the cloud that is simple, easy to use, and fast in getting products up for sale and delivery. A product goes up in my review if the product is easy and simple to put into action. The reason I say this is many customers do not want to spend hours and hours trying to figure out how something works.

When you first get into Access123 you will have to put in your settings for it to work right, that means your name, email, paypal information, etc. Once you have done that the software is ready to go. It’s design is two fold. It is designed to get leads in which you can add products or lead magnets that you want to giveaway. The other is that you can use it as a store to list all of your products if desired. There is not a way to categorize them or put them in folders, they are just laid out side by side about four products a line and then downward. So if you have 100 products you would have to scroll through them, but the most recent products are on top.

Product Dashboard

If someone Clicks on the More Information they are taken to a mini sales page that can have Headlines, Images, Text, Videos, even code can be placed if your advanced. On the Vacation time I made a short sales page, but you can make them as long as you wish, if you so desire, and embed a sales video or webinar of any length to explain the benefits of your product.

Bonus #1:
Graphic Design With Crello

Graphic Design with Crello is a Training that helps you unlock your design abilities with Crello. Crello is a free platform where you can design just about anything. Design bookcovers, presentations, gift cards, banners, facebook covers, just about anything you can think of.

Bonus #2 
Gutenberg is Fun

WordPress 5.0 is upgrading their editor with Gutenberg. It is actually fairly easy to use, however, at first glance it can feel quite intimidating. Why fumble and stumble for a few months when you can just learn it it easy steps and then apply it.