Create By Vidello

Create Whatever Kind of Videos You Want to Create. Easier and better than Camtasia (With the Vidello Hosting, say goodbye to Youtube, say goodbye to Vimeo)


Create by Vidello is a full pledged, easy to use, video editor that will allow you to add images, videos, audios, voiceovers, and place in a mulitracked timeline that will make it easy to do just about any video editing job.

In Video 1 above in the Playlist is an actual picture and a short description of Create by Vidello capabilities. These capabilities will compete with Camtasia and other major Video Editors. What makes Create by Vidello different is its ease of use and low learning curve. Even a newbie will become a master video editor in no time.

In the second Video of the playlist is a full demo of the software. It is loaded with features, while being easy to use, it allows you to create very professional looking videos. You can make training videos, book trailers, advertisement videos, videos for social media. You can add many tracks with allows you to add pictures to those tracts, videos to those tracts, etc. For those that want more and get the 1rst oto, there are many images and videos that you have automatic access to and can import them into your working project. You also can add audios, whether they are music, or voiceovers.

There are animated emojis, static emojis, a load of icon images, and text presets that pretty much give you the scope and leverage to create any video you want. You can size it the way you want, pick the quality of the video the way you want. You can make movie videos or square videos for social media. This is a great way to make VSLs (Video Sales Letters) as you can upload you images, put your text on, and then do a voice over and then add music to your video.


Easy to use editor, work with photos, and videos in a versatile easy to use timeline. Add audios, and voiceovers, and edit withing the timeline, text, styles, overlays, and visual effects.


If I could think of any it would be one, you have to play with it for awhile (about an hour) to get use to where everything is, but after you get use to where all the controls are it is easy to make videos, and high quality ones at that. This software would compete with the best: Camtasia, Filmora, etc. A second thing is I couldn't find away to control the volume of the audio. I am not saying it is not there. I just could not find it. However, knowing these product creators, the training of this product will be complete.

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Bonuses For Vidello Create

Note: My Bonuses will be inside Bonus Button in JVZoo upon purchasing. Instructions for getting your Support Site will be there.

More Royalty Free Images to Add to Your Collection that You can Use in Your Online Work.

These images come in Png and Pdf format. You can use these graphics anywhere. Use them on your blog, your ebooks, your pdf reports, anywhere you can use a png.

With this app you will be able to take you Create by Vidello Videos to the next level and upload them as an mp4 url, vimeo or youtube url and turn them into a full pledge training course with modules, etc.

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